Apple Buys An AI Startup To Improve Siri Data

Apple is continuing its series of AI startup acquisitions, this time to improve Siri’s functionality.

The company didn’t elaborate on its plans and relied on the typical response it”buys smaller technology firms from time to time,” but Siri appears to be the focus.

The iPhone maker appears to be centered on improving its voice assistant’s comprehension of late, most recently getting Voysis To improve natural language comprehension.

By reducing the chances that Siri confuses, cleaner data goes a long way toward this goal.

Apple was decided to upgrade Siri lately and created waves when it hired Google’s former AI leader John Giannandrea in mind with that upgrade. With that said, it may be a While before startups such as Inductive and Giannandrea reveal What they intend to perform.

AI has been gradually rolling into Its products via features such as Deep Fusion. However, Siri still has a ways to go before it ultimately competes with the likes of Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.

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