Google Duo No Longer Requires Phone Numbers On Tablets

Last week, Google Duo Began rolling a long-awaited Attribute that let others reach you along with your email address; that meant you did not need to share your telephone number with anyone you wanted to call. We tried putting up Duo from scratch with an email address but discovered we needed a phone number for the first sign-up when we covered the news. It turns out there is a nuance: you need a telephone number on mobiles, but not on tablets.

If you start it and install Duo on a tablet now, you’ll notice the Screenshot over that requests for approval to use your email address to sign in. Following that, the app lets you choose the address you prefer and then asks access to the camera, your contact list, and the microphone.

Unlike mobiles, you do not get redirected to a screen where you have to enter a phone number for confirmation, as shown in the screenshot below. The duo is pleased with only an email address associated with the account.

Our tipster told me that this worked with a child accounts for them, But we don’t have access to a Family Link-managed tablet computer to try out verify that. Technically, though, it must get the job done.

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