Intel Is Using Two Manufacturing Processes For Some Comet Lake Core I5 CPUs

Some Intel Comet Lake Core chips are not meaning that the silicon may be a chip-to-chip that is different.

Even though it’s also not likely to be something CPU.

We heard about the numerous steppings over at TechPowerUp, And we instantly reached out to double-check.

Thinner expires and soldered interface substance –since it’s reportedly a 10-core chip using four cores disabled.

This could create for greater functionality, and possibly offer you a blessing for mobo makers’ current power limitation semi-overclocking. Though we do not envision it would influence at inventory with almost any cooler.

The G1 Growing is supposedly a chip that was native. This is employing a paste, in place of the STIM solution that is brand new. When we are referring to non-K,, chips that are non-overclockable, that should not prove a deterrent to the processor’s functioning.

The Most easy way to differentiate both toppings, if you’ve got them would be to look at the opposite of this processor. Whilst G1 is a block, the Q0 has two groups of capacitors. Both also have differing spec codes, as evidenced within ARK..

So, There is not much to see , as it happens. But it remains a Glimpse into the process and Intel’s moving About binning its own chips that are 14nm that it is reaching core Counts, such as.

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