YouTube Fixes Error That Deleted Comments Critical Of The Chinese Communist Party

The term is an insult, although the latter is slang dating back to the Nationalist government of China.

It originates that these customers are compensated 50 pennies per article.

An increasing reliance on remark Filters would not explain remarks deleted six months ago before the pandemic started.

The deletions look strange given YouTube is prohibited in China, providing no incentive to censor remarks to the firm.

One theory is that the phrases in question were added due to actions by users who might have mass-reported these conditions that are adding them.

There have been cases of errors that were mysteriously Using a prejudice emerging in the automated methods of Google.

Most The business created a prototype research engine As Project Dragonfly to the Chinese industry.

It was never found, and Google told a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that it’d stopped the undertaking.

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