Zoom Paid Accounts Reportedly Will Get Strong Encryption For Calls

Zoom will Include encryption to its paid customers’ Video calls but isn’t planning to offer the enhanced security to all accounts.

A safety consultant with the firm informed it wasn’t clear whether some reports, for example, nonprofit users, may qualify for the more secure calls.

Zoom approach to end-to-end encryption is very much a Work in progress – everything out of our draft cryptographic design, which was only published last week, to our ongoing discussions about those customers.

The videoconferencing platform has flourished in popularity throughout the coronavirus pandemic but continues to be plagued by myriad safety problems.

Those include Zoombombing, in which an uninvited guest invades a movie phone and disrupts it using porn or other shock material.

Adding full end-to-end encryption on each video call would exclude customers who call in from telephone lines.

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