Genshin Impact: Barbara Hangout Guide

Genshin Impact: Barbara Hangout Guide

Genshin Impact: Barbara Hangout Guide

Genshin Impact: Barbara Hangout Guide

With the beginning of Genshin Impact’s 1.4 updates comes the dispatch of the exceptionally expected Hangout occasion framework. During the occasion, players have the chance to spend time with four of Genshin Impact’s more ignored characters as they study their characters all the while.

In this guide, we will be taking a gander at Barbara’s home base occasion and will grandstand what discourse decisions are needed to open every one of the five potential endings to the occasion. Note that players can follow what endings they have accomplished for each character’s joint occasion through the occasion menu and can acquire substitute endings without replaying the whole home base occasion by choosing explicit journey hubs inside the occasion page.


With the goal that players are not ruined by any occasion disclosures, it is prescribed to finish the first playthrough normally and afterward reference this guide as a method for getting any missed endings. While it is workable for players to bomb an occasion dependent on the discourse decisions that they select, they can undoubtedly restart the mission from various story ways on the home base page.


Gotten to through the “Sister Victoria’s Vexation” story way, this is seemingly the most exceedingly terrible closure that players can acquire from Barbara’s home base occasion. This closure can be acquired following discovering Barbara in Wolvendom close to the Andrius week by week manager area. Not long after discovering Barbara, players will be hindered by an arbitrary fan who seems, by all accounts, to be attempting to find her. Now players should choose the discourse alternative, “Simply stand by here. We’ll go send that individual away.” After going up against the fan, players should then either choose ” It is risky here” or ” Barbara isn’t here any longer.” Players will, at that point, need to follow the fan as he endeavors to look for Barbara before the consummation is opened.

Gotten to through the “Deaconess’ Gratitude” story way, to open this completion, players should initially choose “I might want to attempt your exceptional Chilibrew!” subsequent to getting back from Wolvendom. Players should then choose “Okay, how about we split up” prior to going to discover the fixings needed for Barbara’s chili brew. Subsequent to safeguarding the vendor from the fortune hoarders, players should then choose ” I’d prefer to attempt that Liyue Chilibrew…” as their prize to open the consummation.


Gotten by choosing the entirety of similar exchange ways as the past “Searing Flavor From Liyue” finishing, with the exception of, when players are given the decision to choose their prize they should pick “Indeed, we were searching for Sweet Flowers…” to open this consummation.


Gotten to through the “Deaconess’ Gratitude” story way, to open this consummation, players should likewise choose “I might want to attempt your extraordinary Chilibrew!” yet then select “I think it’d be better in the event that we stay together.” After going to the forested areas to gather the fixings required, the player should initially overcome a gathering of Hilichurls. When the horde has been crushed, the player and Barbara will be stood up to by a man professing to be harmed and needing Barbara’s mending. Players should then choose “Hang on Barbara. He’s a dubious character; we should take him to see the Knights first” which will trigger a battle against the man prior to opening the closure.


barbara fan club

Likewise got to through the “Deaconess’ Gratitide” story way, to open this way players should choose “Fabulous Summer-Serendipity Coral Sparking Tea sounds quite stunning.” when asked what drink they would like. Players will at that point need to go to The Cat’s Tail which is situated close to Mondstadt’s passage and safeguard Barbara from a horde of revering fans. In the wake of persuading the fans to leave, players should then follow Barbara on a short stroll before the consummation is opened.

Genshin Impact: Barbara Hangout Guide
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